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Mind Lab Pro Review

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  • Every angle of cognition boosted
  • Clinically researched ingredients
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Our Overview

Mind Lab Pro is the best nootropic stack that we’ve come across on the market. After fully researching the ingredients and testing it ourselves we say it is the most potent, yet safe stack the cognitive boosting industry has offer.

Mind Lab Pro when used correctly can maximize your brain’s optimization, promoting focus, mood, mental agility and general brain health.

This is the best formula on the market right now and there’s no question.

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Mind Lab Pro website.

Mind Lab Pro Review: Is this Nootropic really the best?

This is our review of Mind Lab Pro. Mind Lab Pro is the current market leading nootropic from the nutrition experts at Opti-Nutra.

You’ll typically see this nootropic at the top of any of the ‘best of’ lists when doing research into the cognitive boosting supplement market.

In this article, we put Mind Lab Pro to the absolute test. We look at all the factors; the ingredients, side effects and our personal experience from taking it from the Touching Hearts, Touching Minds office.

But before we get into all of that: what is this universal nootropic claimed to do?

Mind Lab Pro Review

Opti Nutra claim that Mind Lab Pro can promote your brain’s chemistry, energy, regeneration, circulation, protection and waves. All this to optimize the thinking organ’s overall activity via Mind Lab Pro.

If you look on the ‘How It Works’ page of the Mind Lab Pro website, you’ll see that this translates to having this nootropics stack help you in the following areas:

  1. Studying and Learning
  2. Test-Taking Performance
  3. Mental Processing Speed
  4. Creativity and Abstract Thinking
  5. Mood, Relaxation and Mindset
  6. Memory and Recall
  7. Communication and Verbal Fluidity
  8. Strategic Thinking
  9. Attention, Focus and Concentration
  10. Motivation and Mental Drive

These nootropics benefits are ideal with Opti-Nutra claiming it can help anyone from students and athletes to business executives – but how well does it actually work?

How Mind Lab Pro works for people

In this Mind Lab Pro review, we get to the bottom of this question. We look to see how safe this supplement is along with how effective and reliable it is as an everyday stack.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

This is Mind Lab Pro’s full ingredient list:

  • Vitamin B6 – 2.5mg
  • Vitamin B9 – 100mcg
  • Vitamin B12 – 7.5mcg
  • Citicoline – 250mg
  • Bacopa monnieri – 150mg
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – 500mg
  • Phosphatidylserine – 100mg
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – 175mg
  • L-Theanine – 100mg
  • Rhodiola rosea – 50mg
  • Maritime Pine Bark – 75mg

If you know your nootropics, you’ll already be aware of how potent these ingredients are in Mind Lab Pro.

When you look below at the ingredients label of the Mind Lab Pro formula, you’ll notice that the cognitive enhancers used are not only well dosed – but the majority of the ingredients are in patented forms for maximum potency:

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Below, we’ll be covering the main ingredients and what you can expect from them in this supplement.

Citicoline (as Cognizin)

A generous 250 mg dosage of Cognizin Citicoline in Mind Lab Pro. Cognizin is a highly researched, potent form of this cholinergic.

Supplementing this nutrient can help improve your overall focus and memory via how it raises your acetylcholine levels. Acetlycholine being your main neurotransmitter. Supporting this help can help promote brain cell membrane, memory, focus, and basically all the main building blocks of cognition.

Studies show that Cognizin Citicoline can raise brain energy by up to 13.6% and brain cell membrane by 26%. It has been shown to be effective in several human trials and a credit to have in this nootropics supplement.

Bacopa monnieri (9 bioactive bacosides)

Bacopa in Mind Lab Pro is a genius move. It’s a well-respected cognitive enhancer which has links to improving memory, learning and overall mental retention.

Some human research even indicates that it can help reduce the rate of forgetting newly acquired knowledge keeping your recall sharp.

The Bacopa in this supplement has been tuned to supply the 9 most active bacoside compounds in the herb to give you the best natural results. Bacosides help to promote acetylcholine, GABA and serotonin these are your brain chemicals which deliver focused thinking, clear memory and healthy mood.

With 150 mg in this supplement, it’s more than enough in Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro Nootropic

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Full Spectrum)

Lion’s Mane Mushroom has a good amount in Mind Lab Pro – a whopping 500 mg.

So, what does it do? Research has shown that Lion’s Mane can help stimulate NGF or Nerve Growth Factor. It can help with neural regeneration and myelin nerve sheath synthesis (the insulating layers around brain nerves).

With efficient NGF, you may get better brain plasticity which allows better learning and memory storage, while also supporting brain cell membrane funtion.

Users report better mood balance and clinical trials show significant cognitive improvements in adults 50 – 80. The Lion’s Mane in here has all the mushroom’s active constituents, including cognition-boosting hericenones and erinacines, essentially everything you need from it.

Phosphatidylserine (as Sharp PS Green)

Phosphatidylserine appears in this supplement as Sharp PS® Green from Sunflower Lecithin. Coming from sunflower actually makes a big difference. It ensures the PS is soy-free, non-GMO, eco-friendly version of this nutrient, which is much easier for your body and brain to tolerate.

Phosphatidylserine makes up around 15% of your brain’s fats. This helps promote neurotransmitters, brain cell energy, nerve growth factor and even general maintenance and repair on your brain.

In terms of experience, Phosphatidylserine can help memory, mood, reduce anxiety and improve mental clarity. It can also help to slow the cognitive decline and supports against brain degradation.

Phosphatidylserine is the only ingredient in this supplement with an FDA-qualified claim for reducing the cognitive decline risk.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is a nootropic which has been seen in animal research to help counter stress.

Human clinical research on the hand shows that this amino acid may help to promote working memory under high pressure conditions – even against obstacles like fatigue and sleep deprivation.

It helps you perform under pressure, and is your go-to amino acid for focus. It’s thought to help promote synthesis of neurotransmitters that get depleted by high pressure thinking.

Mind Lab Pro contains a specific kind of this amino acid: N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine which is easier to absorb and may deliver greater benefit. Studies show that those taking this amino acid, performed better than those on placebo both under high and low levels of pressure.

L-Theanine (as Suntheanine)

L-Theanine is a great amino acid to help Mind Lab Pro.

Presented in this nootropic in Suntheanine form (which has been shown to enhance Alpha waves) this is the best version of this nutrient you could hope for in this nootropic.

L-Theanine leverages your Alpha waves to help improve levels of relaxation and creativity. This also promotes feel-good hormones in your body such as dopamine, serotonin and GABA.

The result helps conjure an overall calm and problem solving mindset – which is great for dealing with bigger projects. It has been seen time and again in studies to beat out placebos in tests, helping with Alpha activity, anxiety, general attention span and learning.

This amino acid also works well with caffeine to control jitters and promote focus. It’s a comfort knowing it is in this stack.

Rhodiola rosea (3%, 1% extract)

Rhodiola Rosea is a strong choice for this supplement, and really helps to bring balance to the stack. This Scandinavian herb has much more to it than meets the eye. There’s a modest amount here too of 50 mg – but that should still deliver decent benefits.

It’s a herbal adaptogen and natural anxiolytic which helps strengthen your resistance to mental and physical stress which can support a better overall mood and mindset, while decreasing anxiety.

With acetylcholine-protective and antioxidant properties, Rhodiola Rosea may also help with age-related decline.

Research suggests it can stimulate neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. This can help you in Mind Lab Pro by contributing towards better memory, learning, mood, attention and work capacity.

Calmness: Mind Lab Pro

Maritime Pine Bark (95% proanthocyanidins)

Maritime Pine Bark extract is a great addition to this nootropic to help your brain.

The bark in Mind Lab Pro is full of antioxidants which can cross the blood-brain barrier which can help cut down on toxins concentrated in your brain.

Maritime Pine Bark also help promotes nitric oxide levels which boosts overall blood flow to your brain, which gives it easier access to oxygen and glucose.

The added effect of all this is that the bio-activities can help cognitive regeneration support and prevent against decline. The cumulative effect from this in Mind Lab Pro is that you see a boost in focus and short term memory, as well as an additional boost to overall brain health.

Want to know more about how the ingredients work?

> Visit MindLabPro.com <

Mind Lab Pro Nutrient List Summary

As you can see, there are a lot of ingredients in Mind Lab Pro – and Opti Nutra seem to have nailed it with every choice they made. Everything in it has an extensive amount of research which shows it to be an effective option for enhanced cognition and a better brain.

However, there are a select few in Mind Lab Pro that we really appreciate being in this nootropic. Here’s a brief rundown of what stood out to use; the citicoline for better brain energy, bacopa for a stronger memory, rhodiola rosea for enhanced mood, maritime pine bark for brain protection and the L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine helping fight stress while promoting calmness.

What we didn’t mention in our ingredient summary were the Vitamin B’s in Mind Lab Pro.

Although B6, B9 and B12 seem like general Vitamins – they grant a specific advantage when it comes to brain optimization.

Vitamin Bs can help balance homocysteine levels in your brain which helps mood balance and fights cognitive decline. This can also help mental energy and blood flow there too.

Combined with the rest of the stack in Mind Lab Pro – this nootropic is without a doubt the best selection of cognitive boosting nutrients on the market.

They’re all served at optimum clinical dosages which help deliver the best results – and they’re in a patented, potent form which can give you the best advantages and fastest results.

MindLabPro.com explains this by saying their stack is aimed at the following areas:

+ Memory which can help with recall, learning and storage both short-term and long term.

+ Mental performance which supports your mental speed, attention span and processing.

+ Mindset, giving you less stress with more positivity and motivation.

+ Internal structure, helping with injuries, reducing cognitive decline and degeneration while supporting neurogenesis.

Mind Lab Pro is the fastest acting and effective nootropic stacks that we have seen. Below, we’ll go into more detail of our personal experience taking Mind Lab Pro and how it worked for us.

Mind Lab Pro Tested by Touching Hearts, Touching Minds

For our test of Mind Lab Pro, we ordered a three month supply for each of our editors (Richard and Eve). With each three month order, shipping is included and an extra box is added absolutely free – so we could continue to use it for an extra month after the trial if they wanted to.

The General Consensus

After three months the overall feedback from using this brain booster was unanimous – it works (at least for us it did).

We both noticed some form of benefit from taking Mind Lab Pro and were impressed by both the short-term effects we noticed in the first few weeks, to the longer term benefits we were experiencing towards the end.

Below, each member of the team is going to give their experience and what they thought of this nootropic.

Test Bottles

This is the order we went with. With the free bottle it worked out $48.75 each.

Richard’s Report

Being an avid nootropic user, I was very interested in trying Mind Lab Pro. The only thing I was skeptical about was the lack of caffeine in this supplement. That’s usually my go to stack with L-Theanine – but I decided to go caffeine-free for the 3 months to see how well it really works.

Short term benefits: I was pleasantly surprised. After the first few week I noticed a clear boost in mental energy and stamina compared to my previous stack (L-Theanine + Caffeine) – I could work in the office for longer without being brought down by brain fog. This continued to improve as the weeks progressed.

Long term benefits: I no longer use caffeine – which is definitely better for my health. Mind Lab Pro has replaced my old stack and with it, I don’t have an energy crash like I used to after a hard day of work. I’m more productive and find myself more motivated in setting goals for myself and work harder to achieve them.

Do you still take it? Yes. After the trial was over, I used the extra box that came with the deal and ordered another 3 months supply.

Richard’s Advice: Give it time, natural methods take longer to fully kick in. You’ll notice the full effects around month 2 – 3.

Eve’s Report

I had never taken a nootropic stack before Mind Lab Pro and had no idea what to expect. After ensuring it was an all natural supplement and safe to use, I was happy to try it and report back for the site.

I also liked that it’s vegan-friendly, most other supplements I’ve tried come in gelatin-based capsules so  seeing Mind Lab Pro’s are plant based was great for me.

Short term benefits: It may have been the placebo effect of trying my first nootropic stack – but work felt so much easier to focus on and just do. My brain felt a lot more ‘in the zone’ than I usually do.

Long term benefits: After the first few months I was blown away. Not only was I working more efficiently without staring into my screen – I had less anxiety. This may be the mood boosters in Mind Lab Pro talking but I feel like I have much less stress and confidence when presenting projects to people. A lot of the pressure I put on myself melted away, which helped reduce distractions and just let me get on with the tasks at hand.

Do you still take it? Yes I do, every morning. Richard and I both reordered Mind Lab Pro after our 3 month test.

Eve’s Advice: This does more than help you work, for me it helped my brain to also optimize my mood and anxiety.

Other User Reports

Professionals who take Mind Lab Pro

You’d be surprised at how many different types of professionals are using Mind Lab Pro in their field of work.

Below, we have numerous video reviews and testimonies from professionals reviewing this supplement and what they like about it.

First up is Chess Grandmaster Nigel Short:

Nigel claims that using it makes him sharper, more alert with faster response times. He takes it for professional chess competitions and notices significant boosts in concentration.

Next we have Stephanie Leach, a private practice attorney:

Stephanie is an attorney who uses Mind Lab Pro to help her run her legal practice while still balancing her family life.

Third we have Clincial Neuropsychologist Dr. Paul Nussbaum:

Dr. Paul claims Mind Lab Pro builds comprehensive brain optimization and is ideal for cognitive health when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, there’s Tony Newman, a white water rapids guide:

Tony risks life and limb being a river guide down the Grand Canyon. Mind Lab Pro gives him better reaction time, less anxiety and better mental clarity to push on and keep people safe.

If you like those reports, there’s a lot more of these over on the stories section of the Mind Lab Pro website. Definitely worth watching if you have a few minutes to spare.

Is Mind Lab Pro safe? | Side Effects

Yes. We believe Mind Lab Pro is safe to use for your brain. This nootropic stack has the best ingredients that is supported by clincal evidence.

Mind Lab Pro only natural nutrients which have been seen to be well-tolerated and provide excellent nutrition for your brain.

When Richard and Eve took it, they experienced no negative side effects, just better brainpower and optimization.

It helps that all the ingredients are quarantined and tested prior to entering the manufacturing facility, and then retested after being finished to ensure potency and purity.

Mind Lab Pro is also vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, GMO-free, caffeine-free and banned substance-free.

The manufacturer claim that Mind Lab Pro is suitable for all lifestyles and ages. In doing so, it should cause you any harm if you were to take this brain booster on a long-term basis.

We haven’t seen any other reviewers report side effects from taking this nootropic, but that doesn’t mean absolutely everyone can use it. People respond differently to herbal supplements, and if you are on any medication, have any allergies or hold any preexisting conditions, you may want to speak to your doctor before taking Mind Lab Pro.

If you have any further questions about Mind Lab Pro, most of it has been answered on their FAQ section (MindLabPro.com), failing that you can always contact a member of the team for an answer via their website.

Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Summary | Final Word

Mind Lab Pro is a top-tier nootropic stack and it shows.

From doing the initial research to making our first order, we had a feeling we were going to like what we saw when we purchased this brain booster.

Richard was skeptical at first when he took Mind Lab Pro, however, after the first few weeks he was impressed and after the 3 months he now chooses it over his previous stack. His work load and productivity shot through the roof, with plenty more brain energy.

Eve had never used nootropics before and and had great results from Mind Lab Pro. Like Richard, she also noticed a brain boost in her focus and concentration when it came to work, but also found that it helped to manage her anxiety and stress levels.

They both agree that Mind Lab Pro delivers brain nourishment that they feel they didn’t have before.

It wasn’t only benefiting their work, Mind Lab Pro is also helping their lifestyle. It’s a comprehensive approach to all areas of cognition: memory, mental performance, mood/mindset, brain structure – everything gets a boost from this supplement.

It’s not as expensive as other high-end brands either. By buying the 3 box package, a daily serving of Mind Lab Pro comes to $1.62 – which is significantly less than what you get for a cup of coffee, with a lot more brain benefits too.

If you want to learn more, we’ve linked to official site below:

> Visit MindLabPro.com <

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