The best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach – and the same applies to for a better body. This is the Touching Hearts, Touching Minds ‘Heart’ section, here we talk about diets, foods and exercises which can help improve your health.

We call it our ‘heart’ section, because these are things that you should take to heart. Their healthy exercise and eating habits that you can apply to your everyday life to help improve your overall vitality.

This is our resource where you can find all our articles regarding:

  • Health Foods, Snacks and Recipes
  • Diets and Eating Methods
  • Exercise and Fitness Articles

That you can apply to your everyday life.

Health Foods, Snacks and Recipes

This is our section on recipes, health foods and snacks that you can apply to your daily lifestyle to help replace unwanted eating habits.

This section covers areas such as:

  • The latest health foods – What are people eating and why?
  • Effective nutrients for health – Researched herbs, spices, minerals, vitamins etc.
  • Snacks – Healthy alternatives to the everyday junk-food.
  • Recipes – See it, like it, learn it, make it!

If you want fresh ideas on what you could be eating to help improve your health – this is our best section on the website to meet those needs.

You can see our full list at the top of the page.

Diets and Eating Methods

This part of our ‘Heart’ section is more on full comprehensive diets and eating methods you may not have come across before, or may want to learn more about.

If there’s a diet trend out there that you would like more research on, this is the place to check. Also if you’re looking at a new method of eating, for example intermittent fasting, this would be a good resource for that information too.

You can see what diets and eating methods we’ve written about below:

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Exercise and Fitness Articles

The final section of the Touching Hearts, Touching Minds ‘Heart’ resource: exercising. Whether it’s a full exercise program, or just a specific move that you can try in the gym, this is the area that covers that.

In the exercise section you will learn:

  • What the exercise is.
  • Who the exercise is for (i.e. weightlifter or runner etc.)
  • What muscle the exercise works.
  • How to perform the exercise.
  • Why it’s beneficial.

To see what we’ve done already, check out our featured articles below:

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Learn More from Us

If you want to learn more from the team here at Touching Hearts, Touching Minds to help you become a better WIC – Well Informed Consumer, you can reach us on the contact page at the top of this article.