Welcome to Touching Hearts, Touching Minds – WIC

Welcome to Touching Hearts, Touching Minds by WIC (Well Informed Consumer). A resource dedicated to to improving your health and mental performance.

To make things easier, we have divided the site into the three main areas for each top we touch upon:

  • Heart – Everyday Diets, Health Foods, Recipes and Exercise Guides
  • Mind – Mental Performance
  • Health – Healthy Ways to Boost Your Body

The majority of these sections are us looking at options to help in these areas, and undergoing rigorous research into them to make sure they’re the best option for you, and to help make you a WIC.

Now, let’s explain more about us and WIC:

WIC – Well Informed Consumer

What is a WIC?

WIC stands for Well Informed Consumer. This is an individual who fully researches what they’re looking at online make sure they have chosen the best option that suits their needs.

This is what Touching Hearts, Touching Minds is dedicated to, we work tirelessly to help you and others achieve it.

A lot of what we look at are health related, this is either something that you can add to your diet, or supplement and we have a specific style to how we research and review them. This typically involves looking at peer-reviewed studies, science journals and personal results of both our staff and experiences of other users out there online.

Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals, this is a site of passion. If you are looking for professional health advice, we suggest that you speak to your doctor or medical professional to make sure you have found the right option for you.

We combine a lot of the hard evidence from the studies and correlate them with the results people are seeing to see how effective each choice is.

But what types of products to do we cover? Let’s take a look.

WIC for Heart

The Heart WIC is a consumer who interested in healthy habits which can promote a better overall lifestyle.

These could be anything from:

  • Diets – Eating trends and fads which are analyzed to make sure it is the best choice for you.
  • Health Foods – For those interested in gym snacks like protein bars, energy drinks and more.
  • Recipes – Hearty, healthy snacks and recipes to keep you on your healthy diet.
  • Exercises – Get the best out of your body during a workout.

Typically these are things that you can add into your everyday life to give you a healthier lifestyle. Something that you can commit to heart, turning it from a chore into a habit.

WIC for Mind

The Mind WIC is a consumer which is interested in natural nootropics. These are supplements that can be bought either over the counter or online which have claims to promote:

  1. Cognitive Function
  2. Memory
  3. Mental Performance
  4. Mind Set
  5. Brain Health and Maintenance

Essentially to give you a better mental edge throughout your day which can be handy both at work and during your leisure time.

It is good for improving your productivity and overall performance of your mind. However, not all nootropics are effective options. In our articles, we will do full reports into individual nootropics to see how effective they really are.

WIC for Health

The final section that we have here in Touching Hearts, Touching Minds – WIC for Health. Our health section covers the general supplements and health aids which can help your health and body.

These can be options such as:

  • Multivitamins
  • Sleep Aids
  • Gym Supplements
  • Energy Boosters

Essentially these are options which can help improve your body’s overall performance and health. There are plenty to choose from and we like to keep this section general.

We plan to keep growing this section, check back and there will probably be more than just these topics eventually.

Questions and Contact Us

We write a lot of content at Touching Hearts, Touching Minds – however, sometimes we don’t always give our WICs the answer to every single one of their questions. To make up for this we have our questions section.

If the answer you’re looking for isn’t there, don’t worry, you can get in contact with us and we can try to handle your question for there:

Best of luck with your goals, and enjoy the site!